Stone Roundup: Our Favorite Stones from 2021

Stone Roundup: Our Favorite Stones from 2021

With 2022 kicking off at full speed, we took some time to reflect on all of our projects from the previous year. We are so proud of each and every one of our designs and equally as proud that we were able to achieve our signature curated chic luxury living that our clients are always in search of. However, I don't think we’d have been able to pull it off without the assistance of our incredible stone vendors (Opus Stone and Grupo Arca) who supplied us with some of the most intricate and pristine natural stones we’ve ever seen.


Our go-to way of adding a luxury elevation to any space is by implementing a natural stone into the design. Stone is very versatile, not only can it be used in just about any space, but certain stones have the ability to soften a space while others can serve as a statement piece or a beautiful catalyst for blending colors and textures. We had such an incredible time selecting the perfect stones for our projects in 2021 and we’ve listed them below so you can take a look at these gorgeous stones at work.


1.Lasa Preva Bianco

Highland Beach

This amazing marble has a soft and elegant look, perfect for this media unit we custom designed for our client.


2. Calacatta Vintage

5645 N Bay Road

When we were reimagining this kitchen for our clients, we knew we needed a natural stone with a vintage feel. After searching for weeks, we found the perfect one at Opus Stone.


3. Arian White

Sunset Islands

This powder room has such a high impact because of this amazing granite. It has so much texture and movement- with the walls cladded with wood, you really don't need much else.


4. Grigio Polished

1800 Club

This stone selection adds drama to this black kitchen we designed. It helps give that sleek and contemporary feel that our client was aiming for.


5. Avia White

Paramount WMC

This classic stone gives the kitchen a clean and timeless look. We mixed in wood, metal, and marble textures in the accessories to highlight the backsplash.


6. Belvedere

5645 N Bay Road

This is definitely one of our favorites! This stone is moody yet so vibrant with hints of green, orange, and bronze. It's a leathered stone- so it's soft, durable, and did we mention GORGEOUS?!


7. Grigio Honed

5715 N Bay Road

We cladded this fireplace with a honed grey marble that compliments the sofas and the artwork. My client has an impeccable taste in art- we love how this stone highlights it perfectly.


8. Vintage Calacatta

5645 N Bay Road

We loved this stone so much we had to bring it into the powder room. We custom designed this floating vanity, with a hidden drain mechanism and a cut out for hand towels. If this doesn't scream custom, I don't know what does.

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