Petal Talk: Our Favorite Florals to Brighten Your Day

Petal Talk: Our Favorite Florals to Brighten Your Day

How many times have you thrown away gorgeous floral arrangements after having them sit beautifully in your space for only 1-2 weeks? Silk flowers have always been a trend no matter the design style; there are many reasons behind their popularity. They’re everlasting, easy to look after, and available in a variety of interesting species that don’t require special conditions to survive. If you lack that green thumb, we always suggest using high-quality silk flowers to achieve the illusion of real flowers.


Silk flowers used in modern home décor look so realistic that it’s almost impossible to determine if they are real or fake when it comes to their feel or appearance. Not only do we love using them in our projects, but our clients love them just as much.

There are numerous benefits of having silk flowers in your home; below, we have made a list of a few of the most amazing benefits and photos of different spaces where we utilized silk florals to make an impact.

1. Silk Flowers Always Look Fresh

Silk flowers almost never get affected by the seasonal changes; they don’t shed petals, nor do they change their appearance- So they retain their look in all seasons. And even if they get stained with some dusting and light washing, they become as good as new. When opting for faux florals, it’s important to us that we only use high quality silk flowers in our projects to achieve a high end look that compliments the rest of the finishes in the space.


2. They Can Become a Focal Point


We incorporate silk flowers in our projects to add dimension to any space, while also creating a focal point. They also look great in smaller rooms and living spaces to add extra texture and colors to make your room more dynamic.


3. They're Versatile.


Because of the variety of species available to choose from, you can compliment almost any design style by introducing this live element into the design. We love how this tropical silk arrangement compliments the natural palette in this powder room from one of our recent completed projects in Miami Beach.


4. They Bring Color and Vibrancy To a Room


Silk flowers look so natural that they can easily be confused as real flowers. Companies like Emilio Robba put so much effort into making them look realistic by high quality silk, using old and new petals, and mimicking water filled vases. In our projects we use a wide range of colors and sizes. So whether it’s a tabletop or a corner in a room that’s feels like it’s missing color or depth- The good news is you can also get silk floral trees of many types to bring variety into your space.

Interior Design: House of One

Photos by: Lifestyle Production Group

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