Bohemian Paradise: Discovering the Allure of Spanish Mediterranean Design in Miami

Bohemian Paradise: Discovering the Allure of Spanish Mediterranean Design in Miami

In this completed project, we had the pleasure of infusing a touch of Spanish Mediterranean allure into a luxurious residence right here in the heart of Miami. Inspired by the rich architectural heritage of the Mediterranean region, our goal was to create a harmonious blend of warmth, elegance, and bohemian flair. This home was built in 1931 and features cathedral-beamed ceilings, a stone fireplace, a family room with vaulted ceilings, a formal dining room and an eat-in chef’s kitchen. Our client bought the home in 2021 and we spent all of 2022 renovating the property. They then sold the home for (blank). At 5,128 square feet, his new home features five bedrooms, five bathrooms, two half baths and sits on 0.42 acres. The final project was published in top publications such as Florida design, AD pro, and more.



Earthy Tones & Natural Materials: 

We embraced the timeless appeal of earthy tones and natural materials. Rich browns, warm beige, and creamy neutrals formed the foundation of the color palette, evoking a sense of warmth and serenity. The use of old spanish inspired tile against the cream colored walls really opened up the space leaving room to highlight the custom furniture in the living area. 


Infusing Bohemian Touches:

To add a touch of bohemian flair, we carefully curated unique decor elements that brought personality and a sense of adventure into the space. We left the original architectural details throughout the home to keep its character. For example, we used original stone in the kitchen and dining area to make this statement, see photo. Vintage rugs with intricate patterns, handcrafted macrame wall hangings, and globally-inspired textiles added pops of color and texture, creating an inviting, eclectic atmosphere. Each piece was thoughtfully selected to reflect the client's free-spirited personality and love for travel.



Mediterranean-Inspired Details:

To pay homage to the Spanish Mediterranean style, we incorporated architectural details that exude timeless elegance. Arched doorways, wrought-iron accents, and exposed wooden beams added character and a sense of authenticity. The use of decorative tiles, known as Talavera tiles, in the kitchen and bathroom spaces, brought a pop of color and intricate patterns, further enhancing the Mediterranean aesthetic.

Our Spanish Mediterranean-inspired project in Miami beautifully combines the warmth of natural materials, the earthy tones of the Mediterranean palette, and the bohemian touches that reflect the client's personality. The result is a space that exudes tranquility, elegance, and a sense of adventure. We hope this project has inspired you to infuse your own space with elements that transport you to far-off lands and create a sanctuary of style and comfort. Stay tuned for more design inspirations and projects to come!

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