Art Basel Recap: The House of One Showcase Event

Art Basel Recap: The House of One Showcase Event

Last week we hosted our first Art Basel event showcasing our newest wallpaper collection with CKD and furniture collection with Precipice Glassworks. We had special guest Polen Cerci showcase her work all throughout our newly completed design studio.


Joined by industry professionals, our beloved clients and friends, and Sunset Living Magazine, the night was a huge success and we truly enjoyed showcasing our new collections as well as the reveal of our design studio. Check out the photos below to see how it went!

From left to right: Top- Brittany Farinas, Kaiyla Smith; Brittany Farinas, Julissa Echeverri; Christie Fernandez, Alex Fernandez, Brittany Farinas; Bottom- Brittany Farinas, Alex Fernandez, Christie Fernandez; Polen Cerci, Brittany Farinas; Chris Paciello, Brittany Farinas, Lauren Goodman

Preview of furniture collection


Mario Stocco, Brittany Farinas

The House of One Team
Dominique Penso, Brittany Farinas, Yasmin Nakano

Candice Kaye, Brittany Farinas

Melissa Grafton, Alex Fernandez, Raisa Ortiz, Brittany Farinas
Jose Salas, Brittany Farinas, Javy Perez

Christian Andrade, Brittany Farinas


Alex Fernandez, Brittany Farinas


Julissa Echeverri, Brittany Farinas


Yami Contreras, Brittany Farinas


Tao Wickrath, Brittany Farinas


Melanie Tilbrook, Brittany Farinas, Candice Kaye, Lauren Goodman


Jeff Lyons, Brittany Farinas
Kevin Carey, Brittany Farinas
Kaiyla Smith, Brittany Farinas
Polen Cerci, Brittany Farinas
Melissa Grafton, Brittany Farinas
Christina Atterbury, Elie Javice
Kirk Ivy, Brittany Farinas
Mariah Parks, Brittany Farinas
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