Render to Reality: The Great Room

Render to Reality: The Great Room

When your home is gorgeous, everything in your life becomes a little bit easier! This modern room with open space is both beautiful and cohesive with the home's architecture. The idea of designing this room was to mimic the symmetry from the parallel sliding glass doors to the furniture layout.


Before our clients got to sit and enjoy this stunning one of a kind great room, this is the vision that brought it all to life. At House of One, we are very detailed in the rendering process to ensure every inch of space aligns with our vision and exceeds our client’s expectations.


Once the project’s design elements are established, we create detailed renderings that show an exact representation of how everything will come together. This is an intensive process in itself and one that’s a mix of both art and technology.


Whether it’s a renovation or a new build, there’s only one way to create great designs and that’s by collaborating with our clients. By creating together, we are able to approach each project with a purpose and commitment that allows us to bring inspiration and value into each and every one of our clients' wishes.


We kept a neutral base palette and implemented our signature "Curated Luxury Living" design aesthetic by incorporating the sculptural bench, and layered bold custom pillows using fabrics from Holly Hunt. We played with the materiality in this space by mixing elements such as marble, wood, leather, mirror, and glass. We used accessories from Artefacto to bring the design to life and add color and dimension to the space.


From chandelier to table lamps everything is carefully picked to infuse a regal touch to the space; in addition to that, the bar right at the front is single handedly taking the whole ambiance from modest to luxury grandeur making it more awe-inspiring!

Interior Design: House of One

Photos taken by: Lifestyle Production Group

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