City to City: Bringing a NY loft vibe to the heart of Miami

City to City: Bringing a NY loft vibe to the heart of Miami

This luxe and bold design style utilizes every space perfectly while reflecting the chic and sophisticated cosmopolitan way of living. Embracing this NY loft theme means mixing styles and materials to create a look that contrasts and compliments open-plan layout of loft-style. This is how we brought this style over to this gorgeous condo at the Paramount Miami World Center.


Put it in Neutral 


We went with a monochromatic palette as a classic way to achieve this loft style in this luxury residence. In this guest suite, we incorporated softer tones like light brown, gold, and grey to add contrast and avoid the overall composition from feeling too stark. With views like this-- no artwork needed.


Keep It Clean


The loft style is all about letting the materials shine- and in this case, literally. We styled this kitchen to highlight the white lacquered/wood grain cabinetry. The LED strip light mounted underneath the upper cabinets highlight the beautiful marble backsplash. Simplicity is key for a loft aesthetic.


Mix It Up


Mixing metals is a huge trend right now- But at House of One, we like to take it one step further. Mixing stone, metal, and wood is the result of this posh seating area you find upon entering the residence. Layering statement lighting and other décor pieces create a beautiful juxtaposition in this room. A marble coffee table on a faux rug is another way we meshed different materials. It’s about playing with visually light and heavy objects in a space- warm and cold materials like this are vital to bringing life to a space.


Interior Design: House of One

Photos taken by: Lifestyle Production Group

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